Let’s see the Chicago Bulls’ new Nike jerseys for the NBA 2017-18 season

the Chicago Bulls’ new Nike jerseys for the NBA 2017-18 season, the association edition and Icon edition.

Nike’s partnership with the NBA jerseys took effect from the 2017-18 season, with Nike abolishing the original “home and away” naming scheme for the jerseys, renaming them Association Edition and Icon Edition in that order. The Chicago Bulls were the first to show off the two new uniforms designed by Nike for the team, using star Dwyane Wade’s No. 3 jersey as a model. Let’s have a look at bulls jerseys for NBA 2017-18 season

The subtle change is in the back collar, adding a brown square leather tag with the number “6” to represent the Chicago Bulls’ glorious achievement of winning six NBA championships.

Lakers jersey style summary of the past generations

Lakers classic jerseys during its history

The NBA jerseys worn by Kobe and O’Neal to start the first purple and gold dynasty (99-02 triple crown).

The main colors are golden yellow, purple and white respectively.

(Nike took the NBA’s team uniform contract in the 17-18 season, so the logo on the right breast of the jersey changed from Adi to Nike, but the basic style will not change. the NBA opened up jersey advertising in 17, and the Lakers are now sponsored by the e-commerce company Wish, with a three-year contract and the sponsor’s logo on the top of the left breast)

2018 Three models of jerseys.

After James joined the Lakers, the color of the jersey is more like with the previous gold. The jersey style is the 80s jersey style. Numbers plus a shaded design gold jersey on the main color of the numbers from white to purple jersey collar changed to the traditional round neck style.

The 2017 City Edition jerseys:

The Lakers’ City Edition is designated as the “Lore series”, the first Legends series jersey is a tribute to Kobe, with elements of the Black Mamba python skin, the main color is also the Black Mamba black with Lakers gold, and the bottom corner of the jersey has the words “Lore series – Kobe” (Legend series – Kobe).



2013 :

2012 :


The origins purple and gold jersey in 1967

Origins Los Angeles jersey 1960

Origins Minneapolis jersey 1958

Origins Minneapolis jersey 1948

Origins Minneapolis Icon jersey 1948

Do you Know any other Lakers Jerseys ?

Lakers home jerseys change history, the purple and gold jerseys can be called the most classic jersey

Laker purple jersey become the most classic jersey in the Lakers jerseys history

The Lakers were founded in Minneapolis in 1947 and moved to Los Angeles in 1960. In fact, the Lakers have another alias, the Purple and Gold, which is related to the color of their home jerseys.
Before the 1960s, George McKeon led the Minnesota Lakers to five NBA championships. At the time, the Lakers wore white jerseys at home and yellow jerseys with light blue trim on the road. As the team moved to the West Coast, the color of the jerseys changed from light blue to a darker navy blue in the NBA jerseys history.
In the late 1960s, the Lakers changed their jerseys to the later very famous gold and purple matching jerseys, while on the road, white jerseys with gold lettering were used.
By 1980, the Lakers jerseys made some minor adjustments to their jerseys, with gold continuing to be used on the home jerseys, while the “LAKERS” letters and numbers on the jerseys were in lavender, and the away jerseys were blue shirts with yellow lettering and yellow numbers, which appeared to be one size smaller than the home gold jerseys. But the Magic Johnson still wear this jersey won five championships.
After Shark O’Neal came to the Lakers, the team started using gold jerseys with white numbers and letters at home, while the sides of the jerseys were still decorated with gold stripes. Wearing this suit, O’Neal brought the team three championships.
And in recent seasons, the Lakers have played a few games at home each season wearing white jerseys with purple lettering and numbers on them, with the sides taking gold stripes to decorate.

Golden State Warriors 75th Anniversary Warriors Origins Classic Jersey

Golden State Warriors 75th Anniversary Warriors Origins Classic Jersey

When the NBA was founded 75 years ago, no one could have imagined that it would become one of the leagues that influenced the sport of basketball and now attracts the attention of basketball fans around the world. In order to pay tribute to the 75th anniversary, Nike, the official sponsor of the NBA, has brought a new limited classic jersey series. While these Classic Edition uniforms are limited to just the Celtics, Knicks, and Warriors, the NBA will be implementing 75th anniversary branding onto several items of on-court apparel for many of the league’s teams.

#11 Klay Thompson
#23 Draymond Green

The Warriors Origins jersey is a modern-era spin on the team’s 1961-62 road uniform, the 16th and final season that the team played in Philadelphia prior to the team’s move to the West Coast the following season.  Warriors Origins celebrates the team’s 16-year tenure in Philadelphia, which included a pair of NBA championships (1947 & 1956) and included several individual league records that still stand to this day—highlighted by Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game on March 2, 1962 vs. the New York Knicks.

NBA 2021-22 75th Anniversary Washington Wizards Jerseys

the new jerseys of Washington Wizards Jerseys for NBA 2021-22 75th Anniversary

The following are the new jerseys of Washington Wizards Jerseys for NBA 2021-22 75th Anniversary.

  1. 2021-22 City Edition NBA 75th

The City Edition uniform features elements from the uniforms of the Baltimore Bullets of the 1960’s and the red stripes on a blue chassis reminiscent of the Washington Bullets of the 1970’s. Gold and white details are included with trims along the neck and arm areas, while the wordmark “Washington” and the numbers on the front and back of the jersey are also gold and white as a nod to the Wizards’ uniforms of the 2000’s. The uniform also honors Hall of Famer Wes Unseld, who defined the franchise as a player, coach and executive through various eras from its time in Baltimore to its current home in Washington.

2. 2021-22 Association Edition NBA 75th

The Wizards reused the old Bullets uniforms as a base to design this association Edition jersey. The jersey features “Wizards” in black letters against a white background with black trim around the neck and arm openings. This look clearly sees a mix of both the 1974-87 jersey with the stripes and the 1987-97 jerseys with a more reserved look and a color base. And this Association Edition jersey also makes tribute to NBA 75th Anniversary celebration.

3. 2021-22 Icon Edition NBA 75th

The Wizards reused the old Bullets uniforms as a base to design this Icon Edition jersey. The jersey features “Washington” in white letters against a red background with red and white trim around the neck and arm openings. This look clearly sees a mix of both the 1974-87 jersey with the stripes and the 1987-97 jerseys with a more reserved look and a color base. And this Icon Edition jersey also makes tribute to NBA 75th Anniversary celebration.

New Diamond LOGO of Nike Jersey for NBA 75th Anniversary

New Diamond LOGO of Nike Jersey for NBA 75th Anniversary

NBA 2021/22 season “diamond” theme logo

New fans will surely ask, what will happen on the court on the 75th anniversary of the NBA? And what you jersey heads are most concerned about must be the NBA new season jerseys will appear how the changes?

Before the dust settles on the new season, along with all kinds of news and rumors, today Jerseyheads will take you to jersey equipment perspective a brief review of the NBA 25th, 35th and 50th anniversaries, after reading you will certainly be more looking forward to the new season.

1970/71 25th anniversary (25th season)

The 1970/71 season coincided with the 25th season of the NBA’s existence, and all teams in the NBA added patches of the NBA logo to their in-game pants this season. This was the first time that the NBA had an organized effort to have its teams add the league logo in an era when teams were still responsible for designing and ordering their own uniforms.

In 1969, the NBA’s “Dribbling Villain” logo was introduced in the midst of a fierce rivalry between the NBA and the ABA. The 25th anniversary of this patch was certainly a message of the NBA’s long history (compared to the ABA, which was founded in 1967) to the audience at the time, and also set a precedent for the league’s anniversary patch culture.

The patches on the 1970/71 game pants, with the incorporation of silver threads, fit perfectly with the 25th anniversary theme.

1980/81 35th anniversary (35th season)

Ten years later, the NBA once again let each team embroider the 35th anniversary patch on their pants in the 1980/81 season, while the patch was also added to their warm-up uniforms. This time the patch was specially added with the words “35th Anniversary” to distinguish the regular NBA logo.

Patches on the 1980/81 field uniform

1996/97 50th anniversary (51st season)

By the 1996/97 season the NBA ushered in its 51st season, when the influence of the NBA league had gone international, and the NBA placed its 50th anniversary on its 51st season.

On November 1, 1946, the first game of the NBA was played at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. The New York Knicks eventually won a close game against the Toronto Huskies, while the Huskies disbanded after the 1946/47 season.

Jump ball moment of the first game

After exactly 50 years, on November 1, 1996, the New York Knicks visited Toronto again, only this time the opponent was replaced by the league’s newest team, the Toronto Raptors. But the league was prepared for this game, and instead of wearing regular jerseys and pants, both teams changed into a vintage jersey.

On November 1, 1996, exactly 50 years later, the Toronto-New York battle was played again.

As it turns out, the league arranged for a handful of teams to wear vintage styles of jerseys from their team’s history in a handful of games during the 1996/97 season. In this game, the Raptors wore the 1946/47 Huskies style, no doubt paying homage to the first season of the NBA, while the Knicks wore a jersey style that is suspected to have never actually existed.

Almost all teams with a little history have brought out their own retro jerseys. And even the referees have changed into vintage style uniforms for certain games.

In addition, you will also notice that the common blue and red dribbler logo on the jersey was turned into skeleton gold in the 1996/97 season, and gold is the representative color of the 50th anniversary.

And players warm-up clothes, referee uniforms and even the floor of this season’s court all appeared on the NBA’s 50th anniversary special logo.

During that year’s All-Star Game, 47 of the league’s 50 Greatest Stars of the 50 years were gathered together. The league also released rare vintage jerseys for many of these players (not all of these vintage styles were seen on the field that season).

The three superstars absent were Maravich, O’Neal and Jerry West

A product poster of the year, can you recognize the owners of all four jerseys? Only 200 pieces of Jordan rookie vintage game level jerseys have been sold.

Even the former rival ABA style jersey has become a retro NBA jersey at this time.

2021/22 75th anniversary (76th season)

Turning to the 75th year of the NBA. With the previous silver 25th anniversary and gold 50th anniversary, the diamond 75th anniversary theme is not difficult to understand.

And when we look closely at the details of the spy jerseys again, the appearance of the diamond element makes sense.

The previous eight spy photos of the “history mixed style” jerseys, but more like the 75th anniversary of the launch of the historical tribute style (like the 50th anniversary of the launch of a variety of retro models).

2022 All-Star jerseys revealed, lack of design inspiration, trolled the most frugal

2022 All-Star jerseys revealed, lack of design inspiration, trolled the most frugal Jerseys

The NBA officially announced the Eastern All-Star starting list, Durant and James served as the captain of the East and West, respectively, of which James was elected the current NBA All-Star ticket king, which is also James’s 5th consecutive year as captain, the 18th time into the All-Star tied Kobe, second only to Jabbar’s 19 times. James became the All-Star ticket king for the 9th time also tied Jordan’s record, and ranked first in NBA history. Durant was the captain of the East for the second year in a row, holding up the pressure in the final moments and not letting the Bucks’ alphabet overtake.

Soon 2022 All-Star jersey exposure, unlike last year’s All-Star East and West uniforms to blue and yellow, this year’s All-Star jersey color is red and gray, the front printed with a large NBA logo and the words All-Star, behind the 75th anniversary of the elements.

Such a uniform has also been touted by outsiders as the ugliest ever, surpassing last year’s yellow and blue battle, and many others said they could save money.

NBA All-Star history of the classic uniform is not quite a lot, including 1996, 2003, and even recently this year directly in the middle of the respective team’s big LOGO is also very good.

The 2022 NBA All-Star Weekend will be held at the home of the Cleveland Cavaliers, with the main event kicking off on February 21, and the showdown between “James Team Pool” and “Durant Team Pool” is expected to bring visual enjoyment to fans through exciting games and make up for the lack of jersey design.

2022 NBA All-Star Jerseys

2022 NBA All-Star Weekend jerseys

Recently, the NBA announced the 2022 All-Star Weekend jerseys. The jersey design is inspired by the 75th anniversary of the NBA and the humanistic style of Cleveland.

This year’s Rookie Game will be divided into four teams, so there will be four sets of jerseys, with the same color scheme and design derived from diamonds and Cleveland elements.

The celebrity game jerseys will feature colorful 90’s style and contemporary street art, and the two designers are only 13 and 18 years old respectively.