Russell Westbrook joined the Lakers! Howard wears the Nets jersey! NBA reappears super team!

Russell Westbrook joined the Lakers! Howard wears the Nets jersey! NBA reappears super team!

This year’s NBA off-season free agent market does not have too many star-level players, which can only be traded to get big-name stars for teams that want to make up for it.

The Wizards are not bad in the playoffs, and their star Willow can come up with 20+ points and 10+ assists in comprehensive data, but who would have thought that Willow would be traded!

The Lakers got the all-rounder Willow through a blockbuster trade, and the league gave birth to another super team! The Lakers got the all-rounder Willow through a trade, and another super team was born in the league. The lineup of King James and Willow is no less than the combination of the Nets’ Durant Harden Irving.

This season the Lakers in the playoffs after a round, James directly changed into the Lakers “scout”, began to recruit players for the Lakers. I have to say that James this “scout” is still very qualified, in succession for the team to find Lillard, Hield such players.

But finally came to the Lakers is Willow! The deal is generally like this, the Wizards send star Russell Westbrook and 2024, 2028 second-round signings, and the Lakers are also paying a big price, trading Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Montrezl Harrell and this year’s No. 22 pick, and also to the Wizards to do some compensation.

In addition, Howard is also about to sign with the Nets, according to ESPN, Howard has communicated with the Nets management, Howard in the 76ers in the case of not much playing time, but still able to get an average of 8 + 7 data, and in the interior under the basket defensive intensity of many players headache. As of now, what the Bucks need is a defensive player. The firepower on the offensive end already has Durant and Harden, while the defensive end is short. The Bucks, who were flushed inside by the Bucks in the playoffs, put aside their scoring ability and were able to use their base salary to sign Howard, which would do more good than harm to strengthen their roster.

The Heat also won the championship in the second year, the Bucks boss Tsai is determined to win the championship, so the odds are that the Bucks will replicate the Heat next season to win the championship that year!

Kobe “highest score” game warm-up jerseys shot more than $ 270,000

Kobe “highest score” game warm-up Lakers jerseys shot more than $ 270,000

March 7 — A NBA jersey worn by U.S. basketball star Kobe Bryant during his lifetime was sold at auction for $277,200 on March 6. Kobe had worn the jersey to warm up before a game, which was the highest scoring game of his career.

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe dribbles the ball during a game with the Detroit Pistons on June 6, 2004 in Los Angeles, California.

The U.S. “Bleacher Report” website reported on June 6 that Kobe wore this jersey to warm up before a game between the Los Angeles Lakers, for whom he played, and the Toronto Raptors on Jan. 22, 2006. The Lakers beat the Raptors 122:104 in that game, and Kobe scored 81 points, the second highest single-game score in the history of the American men’s professional basketball league (NBA), second only to Wilt Chamberlain’s single-game 100-point record set in 1962. Kobe also wore this jersey for several other games.

The jersey was bought by David Kohler, founder of SCP Auctions. He also acquired a non-homogenized token (NFT) animation video related to the game at the same time. He said he has collected Kobe memorabilia for many years and is now “thrilled and honored” to have a piece of memorabilia from one of the most important games in NBA history in his pocket.

According to Sotheby’s, the only clothing worn by Kobe in the 2006 game that made it to the auction market was this lakers jersey.

Lakers are too discerning! Easy to develop the Chinese market! Lakers present the Chinese ambassador to the U.S. No. 43 Lakers jersey

Lakers present the Chinese ambassador to the U.S. No. 43 Lakers jersey.

According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, Chinese Ambassador to the United States Qin Gang met with NBA Vice President Tan Huimin, Los Angeles Lakers President Bass and legendary star Horry in Los Angeles on the evening of Feb. 27, local time.

After the meeting, the Los Angeles Lakers presented Qin Gang with the No. 43 jersey representing the 43rd anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States and the 43rd anniversary of the NBA Washington Bullets’ visit to China.

The Lakers have quite a market in China, especially after James transferred to the Lakers, the popularity has risen sharply, and the momentum will not be much worse than the previous Rockets. This is also the Lakers’ brilliance, than the record, making money to develop the Chinese NBA jerseys market is the important goal of the Lakers jerseys!

KG retired jersey revelation: old James in the Lakers retired jersey stable?

#23 Jersey of old James may become the retired jersey in the Lakers

On March 15, Garnett’s No. 5 jersey was officially retired at the Celtics. And Garnett of the Green Army, and James of the Lakers almost equal, so does this mean that James in the Lakers retired jersey is also basically stable?

There are similarities between Garnett for the Green Army and James for the Lakers. Before Garnett arrived, the Celtics were in a dark period of team history and had not won a title for 21 consecutive years. After Garnett joined the team, he led the Green Army to 2 finals, winning the title in 2008, and was elected the best defensive player, filling a gap in the Green Army’s history of honors. In 6 seasons with the Green Army, Garnett was selected as an All-Star 5 times, and was named to the best team once and the best defensive team 4 times.

Before James arrived, the Lakers were also in a dark period in team history. James joined the team and led the Lakers to the championship in 2020 after a 10-year absence and was elected MVP of the finals.

So, if Garnett can retire his NBA jersey with the Green Army, then James should be able to do the same. It is thanks to the two of them that the Greens and Lakers have been able to break out of their long slump and get back on the road to championship contention. This is the greatest feat of the duo in their respective teams.

No. 16 jersey of Lakers return

No. 16 jersey of Lakers jersey return

On April 7, the Lakers officially announced that they will sign new addition Ben McLemore.

Subsequently, McLemore updated his personal media with a photo of himself in a Lakers jerseys, adding the purple and gold love emoji. It also expresses his love for the Lakers and hopes he will enjoy his time in purple and gold going forward.

Shortly after McLemore posted this photo, his new teammate, Dougy Eyebrow, Cousins and other close friends praised him. Interestingly, Jones, who used to be teammates with McLemore, also wrote in the comments section, “Make them pay.”

The “they” mentioned by Jones is obviously talking about the old boss Rockets. As the Rockets’ record in recent years is getting worse every year, this season after the trade of Harden, the team officially announced the decay. Jones and McLemore and other veterans of the Rockets, was ruthlessly “driven out of the house” by the Rockets.

There is an unwritten rule in the playground that says “eat and sleep”. Since the nest does not cherish McLemore, waiting for the next rocket encounter, rather than “friends are enemies”, McLemore will certainly regret.

In fact, the Lakers and Rockets had a battle on May 13, and McLemore had a chance to beat his old boss then. But according to the analysis of the current Lakers roster, McLemore is already the 17th person to be replaced by the team. At the same time, he must first adapt to the new team system and face competition from Tucker, Karso, Pope, etc. at the same position, and it is not easy to enter the Lakers’ regular replacement.

Of course, since the Lakers have now signed him, they must have given him the chance to prove himself out on the court. In order to succeed in the rotation, McLemore must show strength to conquer the coaching staff.

After the Lakers announced McLame uniforms, McLame wore the Lakers back number 16, the previous back number 16 was Paul Gasol, after seven years, the Lakers legendary back number 16 will officially return. No. 16 jersey is a symbol of Gasol’s honor, Gasol is an important contributor to the Lakers double crown. In 7 seasons with the Lakers, 17.7 points and 9.9 rebounds per game, shooting 52% from the field. Without his help, Kobe may not have won a lifetime of two championships either.

McLemore has only worn two numbers in his career, No. 23 with the Grizzlies and No. 16 with the Rockets, and now with the Lakers, he continues to choose No. 16. So far in his career, McLemore is averaging 8.9 points and 2.4 rebounds per game, shooting 36.3% from three, and over 40% from three in the past two seasons.

McLemore had a highlight reel 14-15 season averaging 12 points + 3 rebounds + 2 assists per game, but then gradually lost his starting job due to his limited condition.

The Lakers are looking at McLemore because he is a perfect fit for the team’s playbook. He is an accurate three-point shooter, hitting over 50% of his threes from the corner on both sides of the floor, and has good cutting ability, and his finishing ability at the bottom of the basket is even higher than some of the league’s interior players, strong enough to play in the rotation.

NBA best-looking 5 classic jerseys: Bulls jersey on the list, purple and gold jersey of Lakers ranked the first

NBA best-looking 5 classic jerseys: Bulls jersey on the list, purple and gold jersey of Lakers ranked first.

NBA jerseys have always been the most beautiful scenery of the league, reasonable color matching, coupled with not bad style design has always made NBA jerseys become the best wear for fashionable hipsters, especially in the summer, short-sleeved outside a jersey of their favorite stars, can be described as both simple, and handsome.

The league and the teams are also very attentive to the jerseys, and each year the teams will launch different colorways of the jerseys according to different situations. For example, before the season began, the Memphis Grizzlies announced that this season they will choose certain games to change to the previous Vancouver Grizzlies retro jerseys, I have to say, the strong sense of retro will also instantly pull fans back to the 1990s.

The American media is also taking the opportunity to put several other teams’ retro jerseys P on the bodies of their leading players. The retro jerseys were more colorful than now, and looked simply handsome!

But today we do not talk about retro jerseys, only about classic jerseys. So in my mind, which 5 jerseys are the best looking jerseys? Look at the following ranking of the editor, I wonder if it is the same as what you readers think?

The fifth : Chicago Bulls Classic Red Jersey

The first on the list is the Chicago Bulls classic black and red color scheme home jerseys. The Bulls won two triple titles in the 1990s under the leadership of Jordan, which was a great success. Their classic black and red jerseys have gradually become the cloak of the league’s kings, especially Jordan, who wears the No. 23 black and red jersey, has become a symbol of respectability in the minds of all fans, and even many of Jordan’s classic style sneakers are in the classic black and red hue.

The Bulls’ black and red jersey is simple and generous, no matter which player wears it is very handsome, and their jersey can always bring back memories of the six-crown history.

The fourth: Cleveland Cavaliers Classic burgundy jersey

After talking about Chicago’s red, let’s talk about Cleveland’s red. Unlike the Bulls, the main color of the classic Cavaliers uniform is a wine like burgundy, this color looks very elegant atmosphere, plus inlaid with gold trim, like a royal knight, as the first person in the history of the Cavaliers, James wore is very powerful.

When it comes to this jersey of the knight, we can always associate it with the knight triumvirate that reigned in the east at that time, which also evoked the fond memories of countless knight fans. In short, the Knights’ burgundy jersey is still very good, I also ranked it in fourth place, what do you readers think?

The third: Brookly Nets Black Rainbow Color Patchwork Jersey

If there is one team whose uniforms have been the most surprising in recent years, then it is undoubtedly the Brooklyn Nets. Previously, the Nets’ uniforms were a simple addition of plain black and white, with no heart at all, giving them an old-fashioned feel.

In recent years, the Nets’ jerseys have increased in value because of the unique rainbow trim design on the jerseys. For example, Russell, who played for the Nets last year, is really handsome in his Nets jersey, and this rainbow edge directly doubles the value of the jersey.

The second: San Antonio Spurs Classic Silver and Black Jersey

When it comes to the most classic dark-colored jerseys in the league, the first thing that comes to the minds of many fans is undoubtedly the Spurs’ classic silver and black jerseys. the Spurs have always been the most understated and sedate team in the league, focusing on defense and team basketball, and their stars are very low-key, and they have been stable for decades, and these Spurs qualities are also reflected in Spurs jersey colors, low-key and luxurious.

The first: L.A. Lakers Purple and Gold Jersey

When it comes to the most classic, and the best-looking lakers jerseys in the league, when the Lakers classic purple and gold color scheme of the jersey, this color scheme of the jersey also carries countless people’s youth, whether it is slightly earlier OK combination of fans, or a little later, appreciate Kobe mononuclear team to win the championship fans, or now by James and the new generation of Lakers led by the thick eyebrows, the symbol of the magnificent purple and gold jersey has always represented the most elegant and luxurious facade of the league.

So far, Kobe wore the purple and gold jersey for 20 years is still a memory in the hearts of fans, the purple and gold jersey is also the best-looking jersey in my mind.

Jordan theme of the jersey for the NBA 2020-21 season! Bulls throwback jersey became the most classic one

Jordan theme of the jersey for the NBA 2020-21 season! Bulls throwback jersey became the most classic one

Jordan Brand has been a sponsor of exclusive Charlotte Hornets gear since 2017, as well as creating the NBA All-Star jerseys for the regular season for three consecutive years.

Let’s have a look at the Chicago Bulls NBA 2020-21 Jordan Statement Edition Jersey.

We can see that the right side of the jersey and the left side of the pants have the Jumpman logo printed on them, keeping the classic colors of each team while adding new graphic design elements.

For each team, the design demonstrates the mental strength of the team that plays. This philosophy is the same as Michael Jordan’s desire to win.

Jordan Brand and the 30 teams will be connected through the Jumpman logo on the new themed version of the jersey.

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Lakers jersey style summary of the past generations

Lakers classic jerseys during its history

The NBA jerseys worn by Kobe and O’Neal to start the first purple and gold dynasty (99-02 triple crown).

The main colors are golden yellow, purple and white respectively.

(Nike took the NBA’s team uniform contract in the 17-18 season, so the logo on the right breast of the jersey changed from Adi to Nike, but the basic style will not change. the NBA opened up jersey advertising in 17, and the Lakers are now sponsored by the e-commerce company Wish, with a three-year contract and the sponsor’s logo on the top of the left breast)

2018 Three models of jerseys.

After James joined the Lakers, the color of the jersey is more like with the previous gold. The jersey style is the 80s jersey style. Numbers plus a shaded design gold jersey on the main color of the numbers from white to purple jersey collar changed to the traditional round neck style.

The 2017 City Edition jerseys:

The Lakers’ City Edition is designated as the “Lore series”, the first Legends series jersey is a tribute to Kobe, with elements of the Black Mamba python skin, the main color is also the Black Mamba black with Lakers gold, and the bottom corner of the jersey has the words “Lore series – Kobe” (Legend series – Kobe).



2013 :

2012 :


The origins purple and gold jersey in 1967

Origins Los Angeles jersey 1960

Origins Minneapolis jersey 1958

Origins Minneapolis jersey 1948

Origins Minneapolis Icon jersey 1948

Do you Know any other Lakers Jerseys ?

Lakers home jerseys change history, the purple and gold jerseys can be called the most classic jersey

Laker purple jersey become the most classic jersey in the Lakers jerseys history

The Lakers were founded in Minneapolis in 1947 and moved to Los Angeles in 1960. In fact, the Lakers have another alias, the Purple and Gold, which is related to the color of their home jerseys.
Before the 1960s, George McKeon led the Minnesota Lakers to five NBA championships. At the time, the Lakers wore white jerseys at home and yellow jerseys with light blue trim on the road. As the team moved to the West Coast, the color of the jerseys changed from light blue to a darker navy blue in the NBA jerseys history.
In the late 1960s, the Lakers changed their jerseys to the later very famous gold and purple matching jerseys, while on the road, white jerseys with gold lettering were used.
By 1980, the Lakers jerseys made some minor adjustments to their jerseys, with gold continuing to be used on the home jerseys, while the “LAKERS” letters and numbers on the jerseys were in lavender, and the away jerseys were blue shirts with yellow lettering and yellow numbers, which appeared to be one size smaller than the home gold jerseys. But the Magic Johnson still wear this jersey won five championships.
After Shark O’Neal came to the Lakers, the team started using gold jerseys with white numbers and letters at home, while the sides of the jerseys were still decorated with gold stripes. Wearing this suit, O’Neal brought the team three championships.
And in recent seasons, the Lakers have played a few games at home each season wearing white jerseys with purple lettering and numbers on them, with the sides taking gold stripes to decorate.

All the jerseys of the period of James in the Lakers, have you seen?

NBA jerseys James Had worn in Lakers

James has worn many colors of jerseys since joining the Lakers, the most common of which are yellow, purple, and white in three common colors. There is also the familiar Mamba jersey. In fact, each season the Lakers will launch a city version of the jersey designed by the Lakers celebrities, which one have you seen?

Gold Icon version, yellow with purple trim, the most matching color in the history of the Lakers, symbolizing the purple and gold, mainly at home, 18-19 season designed by NIKE.

Purple Statement version, purple with black trim, one of the most common Lakers jerseys, mainly appearing on the road, 18-19 season designed by NIKE.

White Association version, white with purple trim, showing fat, one of three common Lakers jerseys, mainly found on the road. The most common time to this jersey is on the weekend game day, 18-19 season by NIKE design.

18-19 season design of the city version of the jersey, the jersey is purple, the main tribute to the Lakers famous Magic Johnson, there are many details inside, with the Magician’s stripes, with the Magician’s elements and numbers.

The 19-20 season design of the city version of the jersey, the jersey is yellow, mainly to pay tribute to the Lakers famous shark O’Neal, there are very many details inside, the jersey in the swirl pattern represents the early 21st century Lakers triangle offense play, the jersey hides a number of numbers and stars.

The 17-18 season design of the city version of the jersey, the main tribute to the Lakers celebrity Black Mamba Kobe, full of details, Mamba snake scales especially prominent in the playoffs Lakers players wearing this jersey is like an extra bonus effect.

The city version of the jersey was designed for the 20-21 season, with a white, blue and silver color scheme that pays tribute to Lakers Hall of Famer Baylor, in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Lakers’ move from Minneapolis to Los Angeles.

20-21 season retro jersey, blue with white trim, which is a retro jersey commemorating the Lakers’ former home of Minneapolis, the Lakers’ jersey in Minneapolis and in the years before moving to Los Angeles were dominated by blue, and the Lakers have worn it for the last 20 years, wearing this jersey again in this season.