The best NBA team jerseys, Raptors retro version in the list

The best NBA team jerseys, Raptors retro version in the list

For many NBA fans, having a pair of signature shoes of their favorite superstar is a dream come true. In addition to the shoes, what we want most is to have the jersey of our favorite star or favorite team. If you can wear the NBA jersey out on the street, it can get a lot of attention. Therefore, many people are also willing to buy a good-looking jersey. In the long history of the NBA, there are three team jerseys that are very classic and still sell very well today.

Raptors retro version jerseys. The Raptors are a very young team in the NBA, so at the beginning, they also simply designed their jersey. It can be said that the management of the Raptors at that time also thought that this jersey was very ordinary and even a bit funny. But never thought that such a jersey would cause a huge response in the market. At the time, this jersey quickly became the league’s breakout item. And until now, many people still like this retro version of the jersey, think this is the best-looking jersey in the history of the Raptors team, and even considered a symbol of the Raptors. To be able to do the jersey to this point, I have to say that this jersey is really very successful.

Bulls jerseys. In a normal game, we are probably most afraid of those who wear Bulls jerseys. After all, Jordan’s jersey is something not many people dare to wear. You should know that Jordan is the first person recognized in the history of the NBA, and his strength is very strong. The huge influence also makes his iconic No. 23 Bulls jersey, which has become the NBA’s enduring breakout model.

To this day, there are still many people who are willing to buy a jersey that has been for sale for many years like this. And unlike the jerseys of the other two teams, the fans who buy Bulls jerseys go for Jordan’s No. 23 jersey. In fact, it is also under the drive of Jordan that this Bulls jersey was able to sell so well. In essence, this jersey is actually very ordinary, just because once you see him everyone can’t help but think of Jordan, and only then choose to buy this jersey.

Lakers purple and gold jerseys. The Lakers’ jerseys, in fact, were not purple and gold at first. But later, the purple and gold color scheme of the jersey, became the symbol of the Lakers. When the Kobe, O’Neal and now James, are famous purple and gold warriors. They all wore the purple and gold Lakers jersey to fight on the game field, and this jersey has become the symbol of the Lakers team completely. And, many people are not only willing to pay for this jersey for James and Kobe and other superstars, but also willing to simply feel that this jersey color scheme is very good-looking, before choosing to buy it.

Although the yellow color scheme has sold poorly in many of the apparel. However, the Lakers jersey did a great job of color palette in this area, plus a little purple, making this jersey the breakout hit of the league as soon as it was introduced. Today, there are still a lot of fans who go out and buy Lakers jerseys every year. The Lakers, too, have kept this jersey until now, and it can be said that this is one of the most successful jerseys in the history of the NBA, no one.

Hawks release 3 jerseys for the new season

Hawks release 3 jerseys for the new season,

The resumption of the MLB season has officially begun. The warm-up games before the regular season will be the first to start in the early morning of July 23, Beijing time. Although they will not count towards the final regular season record, I believe every team will use the warm-up opportunity of these 3 games to give their best effort. The 22 teams led by the Lakers, Clippers, and Bucks got qualified for the rematch, but there are 8 teams out of 30 that did not get the chance to participate in the rematch because of their previous poor records.

Hawks Jerseys

The Atlanta Hawks are one such team that missed the rematch due to their poor record, but this team is not short of star players, and Eastern Conference All-Star point guard, Trae Young, is the true soul of this team. The super rookie, who averaged 29.6 points, 9.3 assists and 4.3 rebounds in 35.3 minutes per game in 60 regular season games, can almost be seen as the centerpiece of the Hawks for the next 10 years, with young players like former Rockets veteran center Capela and rookie forward DeAndre Hunter by his side.

If these young players can grow properly, the Hawks will grow into a force to be reckoned with in the East in the next few years, all they need is time and a lot of games to work out the newcomers. The Hawks’ record this season is only 20 wins and 47 losses, and they are only slightly better than the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are in the bottom 2 of the Eastern Conference, or 14th in the East, and don’t look at the Hawks’ poor record, but the future of this team is full of hope.

Now the Eagles have released their 3 new NBA jerseys for next season in time because they have no game assignment, and they are the first team to release their new jerseys for the 2020-2023 season, which is really fast. While releasing the jerseys, the Eagles official also wrote: “Respect the past and embrace the future!”

The Hawks have experienced glory and a long downturn, and now this young Hawks team led by Trae Young has the momentum to recreate the glory of that year.

Look at the 3 new jerseys again, these 3 new jerseys styling design is very retro, 3 sets of jerseys a set of white, a set of red, and a set of pure black, some users even said that these 3 sets of jerseys are very much like the Houston Rockets jerseys (Rockets 3 sets of jerseys this season is also red, white, black 3 colors). The Atlanta Hawks side not only showed the official photos of the 3 sets of jerseys, but also let the jerseys 3 bruisers Trae Young, Collins and Xuert to try them on, but we didn’t see former Rockets center Capela.

Anyway, while 22 teams are competing for the championship this season, the young Hawks have already started fighting for next season. Capela has been injured, and although he was traded to the Hawks this season, he did not make 1 appearance for the Hawks. We look forward to Capela’s early recovery and hope to see Capela in the Hawks’ new jersey next season.

Bulls three consecutive championship, Dennis Rodman as one of the credit, why only his jersey is not retired?

For a player, retiring his jersey is a great honor for him. There is no rule or principle for this in the NBA. However, most of the NBA jerseys retired by the team are from players who have made outstanding contributions to the team, and more importantly, they also maintain a good relationship with the team management. Whether or not the jerseys will be retired, the team management is a big deciding factor.

As an NBA dynasty team, the Bulls completed 2 triple crowns, and the first credit goes to Jordan. But Jordan’s second triple crown, beside him there are Pippen and Rodman two top of the list, without these two, Jordan’s 2nd triple crown really can not be completed. So the Bulls iron triangle are the trifecta of the credit, Rodman is also the team’s super blue collar, for the team to work, why Jordan and Pippen jersey are retired by the Bulls, Rodman’s jersey has not been retired? We analyze it specifically.

The Bulls retired jerseys are very strict, the Bulls since the founding of the team in 1966, has a history of more than fifty years, in this time, there are many excellent stars for the team, but now the Bulls only retired four players jerseys, including: Jerry Sloan, Michael Jordan, Bob Love and Scottie Pippen. It can be seen that the Bulls have very strict requirements for the team to retire players’ jerseys: the years of service must be long enough, contribute enough, and achieve more personal honors during the team. According to this standard, if the Bulls want to retire a fifth jersey, this may be Rose’s No. 1, but this is also quite tough, because the Bulls are indeed very strict. Those who care more about the NBA should remember Cobra Grant, who played seven seasons for the Bulls and was the third scoring point, the centerpiece of the triangle offense, and the interior defensive barrier on the team during the Bulls’ first three-peat on the list. He paid for these efforts at all, but now is not yet eligible to get a retired jersey, Rodman is unable to do.

Short service time, Rodman only played a total of three seasons for the Bulls, although three times to win the championship, but also the main, but not the core, Jordan and Pippen their jerseys have now been retired, and Rodman only played three seasons, therefore, the Bulls are difficult to retire his jersey, because the effectiveness of the period is very short, and the Pistons have retired Rodman’s jersey, and the Bulls have no reason to follow.

Not enough individual accolades were achieved by the team. During the Bulls era, Rodman was the league’s rebounding leader three years in a row and was voted to the best defensive team, but was not elected an All-Star once. While being the rebounding king three years in a row is powerful, if you compare him to the four men who have retired their jerseys, you will see that he has too few individual accolades.

Rodman was once a Bulls foe and Rodman’s personal style of play mirrored that of the Pistons’ bad boys. He helped his team win two NBA championships (1989-90, 1990-91), and the Pistons beat Jordan’s Bulls during both championship runs.

Too much negative news, the Bulls era of Rodman is actually a hated player, can join the Bulls, more people believe that it is the Bulls save him more than Rodman to help the Bulls win the championship, and in addition to the performance on the court, a variety of lacy news brought about by the negative impact is far greater than the positive impact, as a player, he retired in addition to look at the contribution to the team, but also to see the impact of this player on the city, apparently Rodman’s style does not meet the image of the Bulls this team.

Today many people in determining the status of a player, are willing to look at his various set, a round or two rounds of spectacular performances, but also some fans in order to weaken Jordan, Jordan around the players blowing very powerful, hard to say Rodman is a giant, likewise, there are some for the deification of Jordan, Jordan around the players said nothing, I personally think that Rodman’s first season is indeed counted as Jordan and Pippen team after the third giant, but the latter two years called him a giant a little forced, can only be considered a super blue collar.

Does anyone on the Bulls dare to wear the No. 1 jersey?

Derrick Rose is the youngest regular season MVP ever, he deserves to be respected.

As we all know, the Chicago Bulls No. 1 NBA jersey is the jersey number worn by Derrick Rose when he played for the Bulls, due to Rose’s outstanding personal achievements and team record in the many seasons he played for the Bulls, so the players who joined the Bulls did not dare to play wearing No. 1, which is out of respect for Rose’s personal, while the Bulls management also does not allow other players to play wearing No. 1, which is the team management for Rose’s contribution to the Bulls.

Rose was selected by the Bulls as the first pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. In his 2008-2009 rookie season, Rose averaged 16.8 points, 3.9 rebounds, 6.3 assists and 0.8 steals in 81 regular season games, and successfully led his team to the NBA playoffs, and the Celtics led by Garnett, Ray Allen and Pierce in the first round. In the first round and Garnett, Ray Allen, Pierce led by the Celtics 7 games, although the final stop in the first round, but Rose in 7 games can contribute an average of 19.7 points, 6.3 rebounds, 6.4 assists in the overall data, personal performance is very good.

In the 2010-2011 season, Rose led the Bulls to a league-leading 62-20 record in the regular season in his third season in the NBA. In that season, Rose could contribute 25 points, 4.1 rebounds and 7.7 assists per game. With the excellent team record and outstanding average data, Rose was successfully elected as the 2010-2011 NBA regular season MVP, becoming the youngest regular season MVP in the history of NBA.

In the 2010-2011 season playoffs, Rose led the Bulls all the way to the Eastern Conference finals, in the Eastern Conference finals eventually defeated by Wade, James, Bosh and other stars led by the Heat, in the playoffs stopped in the Eastern Conference finals, in 16 playoff games, Rose can contribute an average of 27.1 points, 4.4 rebounds, 7.7 assists and 1.3 steals in the overall data, performance is outstanding.

Then in the 2011-2012 season, in the first game of the first round of the playoffs suffered a torn ACL in the left knee, personal athletic status began to decline, in the 2015-2016 season, Rose was traded by the Bulls Knicks, ending the career in playing for the Bulls, the entire NBA career, Rose played a total of 8 seasons for the Bulls, played 406 regular season games, contributing an average of 19.7 points 3.7 In his entire NBA career, Rose played 8 seasons for the Bulls, playing 406 regular season games, contributing 19.7 points, 3.7 rebounds and 6.2 assists per game, playing 41 games in the playoffs, contributing 21 points, 4.3 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game.

What are the numbers of the Bulls’ retired jerseys?

The Bulls retired jersey numbers are #4, #10, #23 and #33 of  Jerry Sloan, Bob Love, Jordan, Scottie Pippen.

The Bulls retired jersey numbers are #4, #10, #23 and #33.

Above Bulls NBA jerseys belongs to Jerry Sloan, Bob Love, Jordan, Scottie Pippen.

#4 Jerry Sloan Bulls Jersey

Jerry Sloan, born in McLeanbull, Illinois, USA, is a former American professional basketball player, coach and professional guard/forward. in early 1976, Jerry Sloan announced his retirement due to injury. As a player, he had excellent defensive skills. 1978, his No. 4 jersey was retired by the Bulls.

#10 Bob Love

Bob Love was born in Bastrop, Louisiana, USA. He is a former American professional basketball player and small forward. He is currently the Director of Social Relations for the Chicago Bulls. in 1977, at the age of 34, Bob Love announced his retirement. He was a player who could shoot with his right and left hands. The Bulls retired his No. 10 jersey as recognition.

Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He is a former American professional basketball player and point guard, nicknamed “The Flyers”. He is now the owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

Pippen was Jordan’s best partner and one of the cornerstones of the Bulls dynasty.

Who owns the Bulls #33 jersey ?

he Bulls #33 jersey Scottie Pippen.

The owner of Bulls #33 jersey is Scottie Pippen.

Scottie Pippen, born in 1965 in Hamburg, Arkansas, is a former American professional basketball player, small forward, nicknamed “Batman”, who was selected by the Seattle Supersonics in the fifth round of the 1987 NBA Draft and subsequently traded to the Chicago Bulls. He played for the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers during his career.

Scottie Pippen was also a former American professional basketball player who played as a small forward. Named to the First Team Best XI three times in his career; selected to the First Team Best Defensive XI eight times; selected to the NBA All-Star Game seven times; won the MVP 1994 NBA All-Star Game; elected NBA Steal King in 1994-95 season; selected as one of the NBA’s Top 50 Superstars in 1996. 2005, his No. 33 NBA jersey was retired in the Bulls.

During his career, Pippen not only helped Jordan complete two straight championships, but also brought a new twist to the league and a new definition of small forward. His life has been both ordinary and extraordinary. Ordinary was his way of doing things and his understatement. All of his skills, his comprehensive and unselfish style of play created the last Bulls dynasty.

How many Do you know about Bulls?

Chicago Bull & #23 Chicago Bulls NBA Jersey

The Bulls are a professional basketball team based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It was founded in 1966 and joined the NBA. it now belongs to the Central Division of the NBA Eastern Conference. The Bulls won more than 50 games in the regular season for four consecutive years. The Chicago Bulls are definitely the most highly acclaimed NBA team in the world.

Because Michael Jordan, the greatest player in the history of the NBA, has long worn the Bulls’ No. 23 NBA jersey and was selected with a scout in the draft, winning two consecutive championships, becoming the NBA team with the most championships besides the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Bulls won 72 of 82 games in the regular season. In his 13 seasons with the Bulls, Jordan won MVP five times, was named to the All-Star team 11 times, was named to the Team of the Year 10 times, was named to the First Defensive Team of the Year nine times, was the scoring champion of the year 10 times and won the Olympic title twice. This basketball juggernaut seems to be out of the grip of gravity. The Bulls is the symbol on the chest of the NBA team Chicago Bulls jersey.

With the addition of Boozer, Kovar and Brewer, the maturation of Noah and Gibson, and the all-around play of Deng, the Bulls have earned another life. This year, they achieved first-place league success under Sidubard’s leadership. That same year, Rose became the youngest MVP in NBA history. with Rose leading the way, they won and held the top spot in the league for a long time.

How to sell jerseys with a bad record?

Gallery of “Miami Vice” series of jerseys of Miami Heat Edition Jersey from 2017 to 2021

The Miami Heat’s “Vice” jersey line has been as eye-catching in the marketplace as the pink on the jerseys.

On May 14, 2023, the Heat defeated the Philadelphia 76ers at home. This was not only the last home game day of the regular season for the Heat, but also the finale of the “Vice” jersey series. If nothing else, the Heat will not be wearing the jerseys during the playoffs.

In the 2017-18 season, Nike’s Heat jersey sponsorship contract with the NBA came into effect. In addition to the home and away versions of the jerseys, Nike will also introduce city versions of the jerseys each season that incorporate elements such as city aliases and iconic landscapes.

The change in NBA jersey sponsorship led to the creation of the Heat’s “Vice” jersey line. In designing the 2017-18 city jerseys, the Heat decided to pay homage to the team’s original home, Miami Arena, by using white as the main color of the jerseys, accented with peach and lake blue, and naming the collection “Vice”.

Although the Heat’s “Vice” jersey line has become the best-selling city edition in the league over the past few years, the Heat had no idea the line would be such a hit when it debuted. After all, at the start of the 2017-18 season, the team’s top salary was still Hassan Whiteside, and Bam Adebayo was just an unknown rookie, so the “Vice” jersey line lacked a player with enough name recognition to The “Vice” jersey line lacked a player with enough name recognition to carry the merchandise.

In January 2018, Heat executive vice president and chief marketing officer Michael McCullough had just attended the NBA’s annual retail product launch and was anxiously awaiting how fans would react when they saw the “Vice” jersey line.

To McCullough’s surprise, the “Vice” jersey line was a hit with fans right after it was released. “I thought there was a mistake and the jersey sales went up like crazy. I was talking to the team about the sales figures and calling Nike to order more jerseys.” McCullough recalled in an interview with The Undefeated.

McCullough’s decision to place additional orders proved to be a wise one, as the Heat’s City Edition jerseys sold more copies in the 2017-18 season than the other 29 teams’ City Edition jerseys combined.

In addition to the design, the timely return of Dwyane Wade, the soul of the team, has further boosted sales of the “Vice” jersey line.

Miami fans welcomed back the soul of the team when the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to trade Wade to the Heat for the 2017-18 season. The trade was completed in the middle of the season, and the Heat did not have a city edition jersey for Wade. In order for Wade to wear the “Vice” jersey in his first game back with the team, the team placed an expedited order with a jersey manufacturer in Portland. After the jerseys were printed, the manufacturer sent someone to fly directly to Miami with the jerseys and eventually made it in time for Wade’s first game back.

In that game, Wade came off the bench to help end the team’s five-game losing streak, and to further enhance the commemorative significance of that city edition jersey. “Miami fans already had a connection to the City Edition jersey, and with everyone loving Wade, his return has injected even more life into the ‘Vice’ jersey line.” Heat graphic designer Brett Maurer said to The Undefeated.

What’s more, sales of the “Vice” jersey line are not affected by the team’s record, which is certainly good news for the Heat.

Between 2010 and 2014, when the Heat reached the Finals four years in a row and won two championships, a total of 190,000 jerseys were sold. And between 2018 and 2023, the Heat only made it to the Finals once and didn’t win a title, but sold 245,000 jerseys in those four ye

And despite the ups and downs of the Heat’s record this season, sales of the “Vice” jersey line have remained strong. In December 2020, for example, sales of the Heat’s city edition jersey “ViceVersa” reached $2.1 million, a third of the NBA’s total jersey sales for that month.

“Historically, it’s the player’s fame that determines the league’s jersey sales ranking each year. But our ‘Vice’ jersey line proves that good jersey designs work just as well as popular players, and both can drive jersey sales.” Heat vice president Jennifer Alvarez said in an interview with The Undefeated.

Classic moments from the “Vice” jersey collection.

After the success of the “Vice” jersey series in 2017-18, the Heat launched the “Vice Nights”, “Sunset Vice”, “ViceWave” and “ViceVersa” jerseys in the next four seasons. The Heat have launched four city edition jerseys in the next four seasons: “Vice Nights”, “Sunset Vice”, “ViceWave” and “ViceVersa”.

From the point of view of jersey design, these seasons “Vice” series in the use of color more and more bold, from the beginning of the common white, black transition to the uncommon pink and dark blue, this season is to do a pink and dark blue interwoven gradient models jersey, jersey production process more and more complex. The Heat have completely “let themselves go” when designing the city version of the jersey, free from the constraints of the main color of the team logo. In addition, the Heat are the first team in the NBA to use pink as the main color of their jerseys.

For this season’s gradient city version of the jersey, ESPN reporter Zach Lowe has reported that the Heat want fans to see different colors of the jersey when watching the game from different angles, and they like the idea.

The Heat’s boldness has helped the “Vice” jersey line make a name for itself, as evidenced by sales. Such a unique and eye-catching color scheme clearly captures the hearts of young fans, in line with their flamboyant and curious personalities. At the same time, these colors fit in well with the “Sin City” atmosphere of Miami’s South Beach, which also has a certain appeal to local residents.

On the other hand, the boundary between color and gender has become increasingly blurred in recent years, and the combination of men and pink is becoming a fashion trend, with many sports brands starting to offer pink products for their male customers. Therefore, with the market having completed consumer education, the “Vice” jersey series is more acceptable to fans and consumers.

With the popularity of the “Vice” jersey line, the acceptance of the gradient jerseys has increased for some teams, such as the Utah Jazz. In the past few seasons, the Jazz have adopted the gradient design for their city edition jerseys. From this perspective, the bold design of the “Vice” jersey collection has implications for other teams’ jersey design ideas.

Butler’s shoes in the “Vice” color scheme.

In addition to enhancing the Heat’s own brand value, the influence of the “Vice” jersey line can also be radiated to other brands. Jimmy Butler, the Heat’s star, is the face of Li Ning, and the color scheme of the game shoes often echoes the colors of the jerseys. So naturally, Li Ning also prepared the “Vice” color scheme for Butler’s sneakers. Compared to the common color scheme of sneakers, the “Vice” color scheme is more special and eye-catching, which has significantly increased its buzz and market popularity, and the resale price on the second-hand market is much higher than the offer price.

For the Heat, it took courage to end a hot jersey line, but it was the popularity of the “Vice” jersey line that gave them more confidence. “We’re not trying to go beyond the ‘Vice’ jersey line, we’re trying to continue our brand. This season’s City jerseys also include elements that have never been used before.” McCullough revealed to Yahoo Sports.

A new beginning! Harden bids farewell to iconic No. 13, will wear No. 1 after joining the 76ers

A new beginning! Harden bids farewell to iconic No. 13, will wear No. 1 after joining the 76ers

Earlier in the day, February 11, 2023, the Bucks and 76ers agreed to a blockbuster trade in which the Bucks sent Harden and Millsap for Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Drummond, an unprotected 2023 first-round pick, and a protected 2027 first-round pick.

According to reports, after joining the 76ers, Harden will say goodbye to wearing the No. 13 jersey for 13 years and wear No. 1 instead, which also signals a new start to Harden’s career. In Philadelphia, Harden will partner with Embiid to impact the championship. The 76ers currently have a record of 32 wins and 22 losses, ranking 5th in the East.

After Harden left the Nets, head coach Nash said bluntly that the team should move on. Durant, on the other hand, said, “Everybody got what they wanted.” It’s worth mentioning that in the All-Star selection process, Durant would rather pick three centers than include Harden on his side at the end.

So far this season, Harden is averaging 37 minutes per game, able to get 22.5 points, 8 rebounds and 10.2 assists, shooting 41.4% from the field and 33.2% from three-point range, ranking 2nd in the league in assists per game and 1st in the league in turnovers per game at 4.8.

So far in his career, Harden has been selected as an NBA All-Star 10 times, the NBA scoring champion three times, the NBA assists champion once, the NBA Best XI first team six times, and the regular season MVP in 2018, but has not won a championship so far.

Durant and Irving’s Nets jerseys are a completely different deal

Durant and Irving’s Nets jerseys are a completely different deal

Athletic sports bring us very much passion and joy, and we are paying more and more attention to sports and athletics. We know that NBA is the top professional basketball league in this world, no matter the intensity of the event or the attention in the world, are very high. And in today’s time, I believe many fans are also shocked by the NBA league out of a news to it. Because the NBA free market officially opened today, many teams are extending the olive branch to the free market superstars. For example, the Bucks quickly signed Irving, Durant and small Jordan to form the Big Three let many fans began to shout “Nets championship”.

And Irving and Durant were in their own team is the existence of the star, now suddenly announced the departure of the team, naturally not less NBA “star transfer tradition”: burning jerseys. The main thing is that both of them have already enjoyed this treatment once, Irving left the Cavaliers and Durant left the Thunder when many angry fans were burning their jerseys. But this time all of the two chose to join the Nets, and the two jerseys can enjoy a different treatment.

First, there was Durant’s. Some Warriors fans photographed Durant’s jersey from the Warriors, but it wasn’t burned. Instead, it was accompanied by a message, which probably means: thank you Durant, thank you for everything you bring to San Francisco. You can see that the Warriors fans are very grateful to Durant, they know how much Durant has paid for the Warriors, and also understand that Durant does not owe the Warriors anything, but the Warriors owe Durant more, right?

The Celtics’ fans directly lit up Irving’s jersey, also for Irving with a paragraph: Thank you, you did nothing, you ruined our team, wish you a bad time in Brooklyn. It can be seen that the Celtics put the pot of this year’s poor team record firmly on Owen’s head. But in fact, Owen is also quite wronged, the Celtics into this, in fact, Angie’s management has not a small relationship, such as Davis is dead or alive unwilling to go to the Celtics, which should not blame Owen’s head it.