Russell Westbrook joined the Lakers! Howard wears the Nets jersey! NBA reappears super team!

Russell Westbrook joined the Lakers! Howard wears the Nets jersey! NBA reappears super team!

This year’s NBA off-season free agent market does not have too many star-level players, which can only be traded to get big-name stars for teams that want to make up for it.

The Wizards are not bad in the playoffs, and their star Willow can come up with 20+ points and 10+ assists in comprehensive data, but who would have thought that Willow would be traded!

The Lakers got the all-rounder Willow through a blockbuster trade, and the league gave birth to another super team! The Lakers got the all-rounder Willow through a trade, and another super team was born in the league. The lineup of King James and Willow is no less than the combination of the Nets’ Durant Harden Irving.

This season the Lakers in the playoffs after a round, James directly changed into the Lakers “scout”, began to recruit players for the Lakers. I have to say that James this “scout” is still very qualified, in succession for the team to find Lillard, Hield such players.

But finally came to the Lakers is Willow! The deal is generally like this, the Wizards send star Russell Westbrook and 2024, 2028 second-round signings, and the Lakers are also paying a big price, trading Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Montrezl Harrell and this year’s No. 22 pick, and also to the Wizards to do some compensation.

In addition, Howard is also about to sign with the Nets, according to ESPN, Howard has communicated with the Nets management, Howard in the 76ers in the case of not much playing time, but still able to get an average of 8 + 7 data, and in the interior under the basket defensive intensity of many players headache. As of now, what the Bucks need is a defensive player. The firepower on the offensive end already has Durant and Harden, while the defensive end is short. The Bucks, who were flushed inside by the Bucks in the playoffs, put aside their scoring ability and were able to use their base salary to sign Howard, which would do more good than harm to strengthen their roster.

The Heat also won the championship in the second year, the Bucks boss Tsai is determined to win the championship, so the odds are that the Bucks will replicate the Heat next season to win the championship that year!

Durant and Irving’s Nets jerseys are a completely different deal

Durant and Irving’s Nets jerseys are a completely different deal

Athletic sports bring us very much passion and joy, and we are paying more and more attention to sports and athletics. We know that NBA is the top professional basketball league in this world, no matter the intensity of the event or the attention in the world, are very high. And in today’s time, I believe many fans are also shocked by the NBA league out of a news to it. Because the NBA free market officially opened today, many teams are extending the olive branch to the free market superstars. For example, the Bucks quickly signed Irving, Durant and small Jordan to form the Big Three let many fans began to shout “Nets championship”.

And Irving and Durant were in their own team is the existence of the star, now suddenly announced the departure of the team, naturally not less NBA “star transfer tradition”: burning jerseys. The main thing is that both of them have already enjoyed this treatment once, Irving left the Cavaliers and Durant left the Thunder when many angry fans were burning their jerseys. But this time all of the two chose to join the Nets, and the two jerseys can enjoy a different treatment.

First, there was Durant’s. Some Warriors fans photographed Durant’s jersey from the Warriors, but it wasn’t burned. Instead, it was accompanied by a message, which probably means: thank you Durant, thank you for everything you bring to San Francisco. You can see that the Warriors fans are very grateful to Durant, they know how much Durant has paid for the Warriors, and also understand that Durant does not owe the Warriors anything, but the Warriors owe Durant more, right?

The Celtics’ fans directly lit up Irving’s jersey, also for Irving with a paragraph: Thank you, you did nothing, you ruined our team, wish you a bad time in Brooklyn. It can be seen that the Celtics put the pot of this year’s poor team record firmly on Owen’s head. But in fact, Owen is also quite wronged, the Celtics into this, in fact, Angie’s management has not a small relationship, such as Davis is dead or alive unwilling to go to the Celtics, which should not blame Owen’s head it.

The Nets wore gray-themed version of their jerseys against the Bulls

The Nets wore gray-themed version of their jerseys against the Bulls

The concrete gray jersey features HAZE’s hand-drawn “BKLYN” letters across the chest. His signature stars run down the jersey’s left side as a contemporary twist on one of the team’s most iconic throwback looks. The side piping is an updated take on the herringbone pattern that has been a fixture on the team’s primary home and away jerseys since play began in Brooklyn, and also appears on the Nets home court.

Nets jerseys

Nets’ $30 million a year sponsorship tops Lakers and Warriors

Nets’ $30 million a year sponsorship tops Lakers and Warriors

On September 27, 2021, the Nets announced through their official social media account that they will change their NBA jersey advertising sponsor for the new season as their sponsorship contract with previous advertising sponsor Motorola expires. Webull (Microbull), a well-known trading platform for securities services, became the team’s newest jersey advertising sponsor.

In addition to the Nets, Microbull will also be sponsoring advertising for the Nets’ affiliate Long Island Nets, the WNBA’s Liberty, and its 2K affiliate. Players from all four teams will wear jerseys with the Microbull logo in the new season.

It is reported that the Microbull sponsorship fee is as high as $30 million per year, which is the highest sponsorship amount among all teams at present. According to the current league’s team market, the average team’s jersey advertising sponsorship fee is in the range of $7 million to $10 million, and the Bucks’ influence in the league is evident. Even the popular team Lakers and Warriors, in the previously announced sponsorship contract costs are $20 million price, only two-thirds of the price of the Nets, thus more reflecting their team value.

Nets forward Griffin has been the first to wear a jersey with the Microbull logo on it to show fans the latest style of jersey. This jersey will be officially put into use in the preseason of the new season. Interestingly, the Nets’ first preseason game is against the Lakers, and both teams are predicted by the major media to be the favorites to win the new season. Two teams that lead in jersey advertising sponsorship money will meet in the preseason, and it’s bound to be a battle. Their first opponent of the regular season is the defending champion Bucks, the two teams in the Eastern Conference semifinals last season for the fans to give a set of exciting showdown, need to battle to seven games to determine the winner. This time the two teams met in the opening game, it is natural that the enemies will meet and see each other.

The Nets are predicted to be the strongest overall team in the new season by the major media, and the strength of the roster assembled with Durant, Harden and Irving as the core of the team naturally cannot be ignored. In this summer, they left the main forwards Griffin and Bruce Brown, ushered in the return of Aldridge, and in free agency got Mills and Millsap two experienced veterans. Compared to last season, the Nets roster seems to be a step up in strength today. As long as they can stay healthy, they are always the most competitive team in the East and are very much expected to compete for the championship in the new season.

NBA 2021-22 city edition jerseys, the Nets are looking better and better

NBA 2021-22 city edition jerseys, the Nets are looking better and better

the NBA launches new versions of each team’s jerseys on every season, which are designed to increase sales and create more revenue, and each team has more than just home and away jerseys to choose from, as well as retro versions, and Christmas versions. And the NBA continues to launch city versions of jerseys in order to get more revenue generation.

According to the NBA official announcement of this season’s city version of the jersey, and the usual NBA jersey is different, they have a great change in the color scheme, and the team’s city has more interaction, this year, many teams’ jerseys are added to the 75th anniversary of the corresponding design. To commemorate this great season.

But not every fan likes the city version of the jersey, the Lakers’ jersey is trolled to lose its soul, it is said to be a retro version, but it looks like the old jazz team’s jersey, a little taste of the Lakers can not see, if not the Lakers logo in, you simply do not recognize this is the Lakers’ jersey. Together with the Warriors, Thunder, Grizzlies were also trolled.

There are also jerseys that are appreciated, the Bucks jersey is one of them, Durant recently took the lead in completing the final photo of this jersey, this time is really a little handsome, the design of the jersey is also very careful, in the corners of the jersey will be the Bucks team history used 8 logos are printed on. There are also players from the Mavericks, Cavaliers, and Pacers are appreciated.

Harden Nets debut

Harden Nets debut

James Harden made history on the night he made his debut in a Nets jersey. Facing the Orlando Magic, Harden got 32 points, 12 rebounds and 14 assists, getting his first triple-double of the season, while also becoming the first player in NBA history to blast 30+ triple-doubles in his debut with his new owner.

Kevin Durant also had 42 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists, hitting 16 of his 26 shots, 5 of 8 from 3-point range and 5 of 5 from the free throw line, as efficient as ever. When he broke the Bucks’ all-time record held by Bernard King with 9 consecutive games of 25+ cuts.

As former co-stars, the offensive end was unimaginable when the two of them linked hands… KD has an amazing undifferentiated singles ability, with or without the ball belong to the all-time top, Harden is the top offensive engine in the guard line, step back three points stove. If the three Thunderbolts had not disintegrated, to this day, and how many miracles will be worth associating with.

Harden needs the Bucks, a team that he can be exceptionally excited about, teammates like KD who can give him tremendous support, and a team that is hungry for a winning environment, and the ability to match it. The seamless fit of Harden and Durant has also delighted Bucks fans, but as Irving’s return nears, so do the variables. The “beard” joined, the Nets blew the charge to the championship attack, after the hard battle then how to play, depending on the return of Irving.

Brooklyn Nets’ 4 jerseys for all 2018-19 games

Brooklyn Nets’ 4 jerseys for all 2018-19 games

From the 2017-18 season, after Nike became the NBA jerseys sponsor, all teams routinely have four types of jerseys, respectively, Association Edition , Icon Editon , Statement Edition , City Edition. Let’s have a look at the following Nets jerseys.

Association Edition is the home jersey of the past Adidas era, now mostly worn on the road.

The crisp and clean Association jersey was a classic the day it was unveiled for the 2012 season. The Brooklyn whites were the Nets’ original home jersey upon their move to Barclays Center. This jersey did not make any radical changes to the Nets’ uniforms. They opted to keep the same basic design as the old jerseys. One of the biggest differences is the Infor patch on the right side of the jersey. The neckline on the jersey looks to be wider than the old uniforms.

Icon Edition is the first away jersey in the past Adidas period, now mostly used for home wear.

The black Icon jersey is Brooklyn’s primary uniform for home games at Barclays Center. Originally unveiled in 2012, the look is inspired by the throwback playground aesthetic that recalls Brooklyn’s legendary basketball roots. This jersey did not make any radical changes to the Nets’ uniforms. They opted to keep the same basic design as the old jerseys. One of the biggest differences is the Infor patch on the right side of the jersey. The neckline on the jersey looks to be wider than the old uniforms.

Statement Edition is the second away jersey of some teams, but the Nets’ Statement Edition has not been used as the second away jersey.

City Edition is the Nike era every season to launch a new city-themed jersey.

The jersey features a V-neck collar, black color scheme, white player numbers, team name and brand logo, and colorful camouflage design on both sides of the jersey that brings together Brooklyn’s diverse culture, music and art. The text above the jersey tag and the camouflage pattern on the side of the jersey are a tribute to Brooklyn’s legendary singer Biggie’s hometown neighborhood.

New city edition jersey for NBA 2021-22 Season I

New city edition jersey for NBA 2021-22

Let’s have a look at the city edition NBA jerseys of the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of the American Men’s Professional Basketball League for NBA 2021-22 75th Anniversary season.

This year’s Raptors City Edition jerseys pay an ode to the franchise’s first-ever uniforms with the classic giant Raptor on the front, along with the original font and jagged pinstripes. However, the uniform is remixed with the black and gold “OVO” colourway that has become a staple in Toronto’s alternate jerseys since 2015, a tribute to the team’s Global Ambassador, Drake. 

The City Edition yarns pay homage to the team’s legacy and the iconic moments that have defined the franchise’s 75-year history. The jersey projects a white wordmark and number scheme from a solid green base, the back features a white nameplate block under the player’s jersey number, a nod to it. The ribbon around the arms and neck replicates the 1965 team uniform. In addition, 17 clovers are located on the lower left of the jersey, at the top. above the jocktag, each wearing the year of a Celtics championship season. The uniform also recognizes Boston basketball legends with three replica banners containing the 24 player numbers and names that have been withdrawn by the organization.

The 2021-22 76ers City Edition uniform celebrates the NBA’s 75th Anniversary and the franchise’s storied history by honoring their home from 1967-1996, the Philadelphia Spectrum. The front of the jersey features a variation of the art-deco style “Sixers” wordmark that the team wore in the mid-1970s in bold red with crisp white outline. The Spectrum color panels run down both sides of the uniform and nod to Philadelphia’s “4 for 4” sports fans.A “4 for 4” fan supports all four major professional sports teams in Philadelphia.The numerals are derived from 1976-77 uniforms and the overall Navy Blue base color is a fresh and prestigious look for the team that honors their legacy.

The new uniforms for this season were designed to incorporate different eras of the franchise, creating a modern look while paying homage to the totality of Nets history. From the stars and stripes design of the Dr. J era, to the redesigned 1990s wordmark revived with last season’s Nike NBA Classic Edition jerseys, the argyle side panel of the consecutive NBA Finals teams in 2002 and 2003, and the influence of the distinctly styled herringbone court on the team’s uniforms in 2012, the 2021-22 Nike NBA City Edition Uniform honors the Nets’ legacy from New York to New Jersey and back, highlighting a sequence of recognizable looks.

The Jersey features the Knicksâ signature black and orange piping over a black base. Change the black base with blue and it’s eerily reminiscent of the Knicks road jerseys in the late 90s. The new city edition jersey comes with checkered side panels and the Nike NYC logo.It was designed according to a “mixtape” theme and an ode to the biggest Knicks moments over the last 75 years.

Atlantic Division five teams in the last five seasons of the city version of the jersey

Atlantic Division five teams in the last five seasons of the city version of the jersey

Each team in the NBA has its own city version of the jersey, the NBA is also very concerned about their city version of the NBA jersey in recent years, because it represents their essence, so the team is also very attentive to these designs. Therefore, the American media listed the last five years of the Atlantic Division city jerseys, which is the best-looking?

New York Knicks Jerseys

The New York Knicks’ City Edition jersey has four seasons in the black series, starting with the 2017-2018 season’s City Edition jersey in navy blue (a deep blue in the eyes of many), with little change in the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 seasons. 2021-2022 season is similar to the 2019-2020 season, with changes to The 2021-2022 season is similar to the 2019-2020 season, with a few changes to the sides and shades. The 2020-2021 season is a bit more special, and this season is also very bright.

Boston Celtics Jerseys

The Celtics’ City Edition jerseys always come with a touch of green, it’s just that this green doesn’t make the fan network freak out. There are three seasons that are simple white with green, while the 2018-2019 City Edition jerseys are green dominated by gold. the 2021-2022 City Edition jerseys are perhaps the best looking City Edition jerseys for the Celtics, because the green is natural. I don’t know if you think Kyrie Irving looks good in the 2017-2018 season’s Celtic City Edition jersey.

Philadelphia 76ers Jerseys

The 76ers’ city edition jerseys have changed quite a bit in the last five seasons. The most special one is still the City Edition jerseys for the 2018-2019 season, as the stars circled over the 7 in the 76ers logo are the players’ jersey numbers. But in terms of looking good, it’s probably the City Edition jerseys for the 2021-2022 season, because their colors are similar to those of the Brooklyn Nets’ City Edition jerseys, and they feature a bit of the Denver Nuggets jerseys on the sides.

Brooklyn Nets Jerseys

The Nets’ City Edition jerseys are predominantly black for three seasons. The city edition jerseys for the 2019-2020 season are predominantly white, and the city edition jerseys for the 2021-2022 season are predominantly navy blue (and what many people see as dark blue almost). The best-looking should be the 2019-2020 season and 2021-2022 season’s city edition jerseys, the color is more special and looks much better.

Toronto Raptors Jerseys

The Raptors’ city edition jerseys have four models all in black with gold, and only the 2018-2019 season when Leonard played for the Raptors, the team’s city edition jerseys are more special are white with gold. But the best looking should be the City Edition jerseys for the 2021-2022 season, as they are paired with the classic Raptors dribble pattern, highlighting the Raptors.

NBA best-looking 5 classic jerseys: Bulls jersey on the list, purple and gold jersey of Lakers ranked the first

NBA best-looking 5 classic jerseys: Bulls jersey on the list, purple and gold jersey of Lakers ranked first.

NBA jerseys have always been the most beautiful scenery of the league, reasonable color matching, coupled with not bad style design has always made NBA jerseys become the best wear for fashionable hipsters, especially in the summer, short-sleeved outside a jersey of their favorite stars, can be described as both simple, and handsome.

The league and the teams are also very attentive to the jerseys, and each year the teams will launch different colorways of the jerseys according to different situations. For example, before the season began, the Memphis Grizzlies announced that this season they will choose certain games to change to the previous Vancouver Grizzlies retro jerseys, I have to say, the strong sense of retro will also instantly pull fans back to the 1990s.

The American media is also taking the opportunity to put several other teams’ retro jerseys P on the bodies of their leading players. The retro jerseys were more colorful than now, and looked simply handsome!

But today we do not talk about retro jerseys, only about classic jerseys. So in my mind, which 5 jerseys are the best looking jerseys? Look at the following ranking of the editor, I wonder if it is the same as what you readers think?

The fifth : Chicago Bulls Classic Red Jersey

The first on the list is the Chicago Bulls classic black and red color scheme home jerseys. The Bulls won two triple titles in the 1990s under the leadership of Jordan, which was a great success. Their classic black and red jerseys have gradually become the cloak of the league’s kings, especially Jordan, who wears the No. 23 black and red jersey, has become a symbol of respectability in the minds of all fans, and even many of Jordan’s classic style sneakers are in the classic black and red hue.

The Bulls’ black and red jersey is simple and generous, no matter which player wears it is very handsome, and their jersey can always bring back memories of the six-crown history.

The fourth: Cleveland Cavaliers Classic burgundy jersey

After talking about Chicago’s red, let’s talk about Cleveland’s red. Unlike the Bulls, the main color of the classic Cavaliers uniform is a wine like burgundy, this color looks very elegant atmosphere, plus inlaid with gold trim, like a royal knight, as the first person in the history of the Cavaliers, James wore is very powerful.

When it comes to this jersey of the knight, we can always associate it with the knight triumvirate that reigned in the east at that time, which also evoked the fond memories of countless knight fans. In short, the Knights’ burgundy jersey is still very good, I also ranked it in fourth place, what do you readers think?

The third: Brookly Nets Black Rainbow Color Patchwork Jersey

If there is one team whose uniforms have been the most surprising in recent years, then it is undoubtedly the Brooklyn Nets. Previously, the Nets’ uniforms were a simple addition of plain black and white, with no heart at all, giving them an old-fashioned feel.

In recent years, the Nets’ jerseys have increased in value because of the unique rainbow trim design on the jerseys. For example, Russell, who played for the Nets last year, is really handsome in his Nets jersey, and this rainbow edge directly doubles the value of the jersey.

The second: San Antonio Spurs Classic Silver and Black Jersey

When it comes to the most classic dark-colored jerseys in the league, the first thing that comes to the minds of many fans is undoubtedly the Spurs’ classic silver and black jerseys. the Spurs have always been the most understated and sedate team in the league, focusing on defense and team basketball, and their stars are very low-key, and they have been stable for decades, and these Spurs qualities are also reflected in Spurs jersey colors, low-key and luxurious.

The first: L.A. Lakers Purple and Gold Jersey

When it comes to the most classic, and the best-looking lakers jerseys in the league, when the Lakers classic purple and gold color scheme of the jersey, this color scheme of the jersey also carries countless people’s youth, whether it is slightly earlier OK combination of fans, or a little later, appreciate Kobe mononuclear team to win the championship fans, or now by James and the new generation of Lakers led by the thick eyebrows, the symbol of the magnificent purple and gold jersey has always represented the most elegant and luxurious facade of the league.

So far, Kobe wore the purple and gold jersey for 20 years is still a memory in the hearts of fans, the purple and gold jersey is also the best-looking jersey in my mind.