Nets’ $30 million a year sponsorship tops Lakers and Warriors

Nets’ $30 million a year sponsorship tops Lakers and Warriors

On September 27, 2021, the Nets announced through their official social media account that they will change their NBA jersey advertising sponsor for the new season as their sponsorship contract with previous advertising sponsor Motorola expires. Webull (Microbull), a well-known trading platform for securities services, became the team’s newest jersey advertising sponsor.

In addition to the Nets, Microbull will also be sponsoring advertising for the Nets’ affiliate Long Island Nets, the WNBA’s Liberty, and its 2K affiliate. Players from all four teams will wear jerseys with the Microbull logo in the new season.

It is reported that the Microbull sponsorship fee is as high as $30 million per year, which is the highest sponsorship amount among all teams at present. According to the current league’s team market, the average team’s jersey advertising sponsorship fee is in the range of $7 million to $10 million, and the Bucks’ influence in the league is evident. Even the popular team Lakers and Warriors, in the previously announced sponsorship contract costs are $20 million price, only two-thirds of the price of the Nets, thus more reflecting their team value.

Nets forward Griffin has been the first to wear a jersey with the Microbull logo on it to show fans the latest style of jersey. This jersey will be officially put into use in the preseason of the new season. Interestingly, the Nets’ first preseason game is against the Lakers, and both teams are predicted by the major media to be the favorites to win the new season. Two teams that lead in jersey advertising sponsorship money will meet in the preseason, and it’s bound to be a battle. Their first opponent of the regular season is the defending champion Bucks, the two teams in the Eastern Conference semifinals last season for the fans to give a set of exciting showdown, need to battle to seven games to determine the winner. This time the two teams met in the opening game, it is natural that the enemies will meet and see each other.

The Nets are predicted to be the strongest overall team in the new season by the major media, and the strength of the roster assembled with Durant, Harden and Irving as the core of the team naturally cannot be ignored. In this summer, they left the main forwards Griffin and Bruce Brown, ushered in the return of Aldridge, and in free agency got Mills and Millsap two experienced veterans. Compared to last season, the Nets roster seems to be a step up in strength today. As long as they can stay healthy, they are always the most competitive team in the East and are very much expected to compete for the championship in the new season.