NBA Bulls Won 6 championships during the NBA history, but only four jerseys retired

Four retired jerseys of Chicago Bulls during NBA jerseys history.

Retirement of jerseys is a very honorable thing, to prove their strength is recognized by the team. Looking through the history of many teams have retired more than 10 jerseys, but looking through the year very strong Bulls only retired four jerseys during the history of NBA jerseys , to see who these four are. Jerry Sloan, in the Bulls played 10 seasons, the average score is not high, but the defense is outstanding. 1978 February 17, his No. 4 jersey was retired by the Bulls.

Bob Love, a player many players don’t know about and it took a lot of searching to find him. He was the director of social relations for the Chicago Bulls. He was a player who could shoot with both right and left hands and the Bulls retired his number 10 jersey as a recognition.

Pippen, who helped the Chicago Bulls won the NBA championship six times, was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame on April 6, 2010, after the Bulls held a jersey retirement ceremony for Pippen on December 10, 2005. Jordan’s biggest helper may be Pippen.

Jordan, known as the “God of Basketball” by all fans. 6-time NBA champion, 5-time NBA regular season MVP. 100% of Jordan’s jerseys were retired, and the Bulls brilliant achievements was built by Jordan. In fact, the Bulls still have a lot of superstars, either not playing for long or past their peak. The Bulls were founded in 1966 until now, only four Bulls jerseys were retired to make people a little surprised. If you like it, you can pay attention to it and update everyone with interesting sports stories every day.

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