Celtics retired Garnett No. 5 jersey, the 3 giants hugged together 

Celtics retired Garnett No. 5 jersey, the 3 giants hugged together 

On March 13, 2020, the Celtics held a retirement ceremony for the number 5 jersey of Green Army great Kevin Garnett. Garnett was in tears, and hugged Ray Allen and Pierce tightly, and met each other to forget their grudges.

After the retirement ceremony began, Garnett’s close friend Paul Pierce gave a speech, expressing his gratitude to Garnett on behalf of all the fans and himself for bringing back the glory of the Green Army.

Celtics owner Wyc said “thank you” to Garnett three times in a row and used five words to describe KG: “dedication, commitment, loyalty, leadership and championship.”

Garnett then gave a speech in which he excitedly said, “I love my team, and it’s been an amazing journey. If we (Green Army Big Three Garnett, Pierce and Ray Allen) had all been able to stay healthy that year, we could have won a few more championship rings.”

Kevin Garnett then called out directly to Ray Allen, who was sitting on the sidelines: “It’s great to see Ray Allen here. It’s really good to see you. You’re next (for jersey retirement).”

And Ray Allen on the stage first responded by making a fist with both hands, and then got up directly to the stage.

Ray Allen and Garnett hugged each other tightly, and the years of grudges have been completely dissolved at this moment.

Interestingly, Pierce is not willing to sit down offstage lonely, also rushed up, Garnett, Pierce, Ray Allen three people for a big hug. The whole audience stood up and applauded for the former Green Army trio, as in the old days of greatness.

Garnett and Ray Allen had tears in their eyes, while Pierce laughed heartlessly.

In the 2007-08 season, Pierce, Garnett and Ray Allen formed the Boston Big Three and won the NBA championship that season.

The three brothers again in the same frame, making people teary-eyed!

Together with Garnett, the Celtics retired a total of 23 jerseys. Because the Green team’s history is so illustrious, the retired jerseys were presented in the form of eight jersey numbers spelling a flag.

Finally, number 5 joined the many legendary Celtics numbers that rose to the ceiling of TD Garden, and the Celtics officially retired Garnett’s jersey!

When Garnett personally raised his No. 5 jersey, the tears of excitement flowed down the river, and at this moment, all the emotions converged into a river.

In this regard, netizens have said, “honestly, Garnett worth the Green Army retired jerseys, the Wolves will also retire 21 sooner or later” “compared to Garnett’s jersey retirement, more moving is his hug with Pierce, Ray Allen, how many years, finally released “”The Celtics have to develop three-digit jerseys”” “The Big Three in 07-08, is the real iron-blooded Big Three, is the sacrifice and toughness to achieve that year’s championship”” kg is my first favorite ball player! Really just later LeBron’s crossover 08 Olympic like LeBron is too violent aesthetics!” “That’s what it’s like, no Aaron, you guys can win the championship. Ha ha” “my youth gone, but seems to have returned” “I knew it was this result, as long as Ray Allen under a small, Garnett and Pierce are temperamental people, this can be over the over, after all try to mention less, tribute “”That said, if Ray Allen went to the Heat did not win the championship, to ensure that Garnett will not be so angry”” “Injustice is not when, sooner or later is not engaged in a table”.