NBA 2021-22 Sacramento Kings 75th Anniversary Jerseys

Sacramento Kings new jerseys for NBA 75TH Anniversary.

The following are Sacramento Kings new jerseys for NBA 75TH Anniversary.

  1. 2023-24 City Edition – NBA 75th
City Edition

The city edition jersey is meant to represent the Kings’ long history, from Rochester to Cincinnati to Kansas City and finally to Sacramento. The black base is meant to represent the will and determination of Sacramento, while the jersey features a script woodmark that has been part of the franchise from the start. Throughout the uniform, the Kings are honoring the past and present. The waistband features a new version of the Rochester Royals logo but in purple and black. At the same time, “Sactown” is written across the chest, adopting a new nickname for their home. 

2. 2023-24  Association Edition – NBA 75th

Association Edition

At the center of the home jerseys, the team’s crown serves as a reminder of the foundation of the team. The “Association Edition” jersey features “KINGS” in purple letters against a white background with grey and purple trim around the neck and arm openings.  The bold modern look represents our commitment to Sacramento and the pride of this region.

3. 2023-24 Icon Edition NBA 75th

Icon Edition

This Icon Edition jersey follows the classic design of the team’s City jersey of 2016-17 season. The city jersey proudly features Sacramento’s oft-referenced acronym – SAC – in bold granite lettering, representing the organization’s deep connection to its city.

4. 2023-24 Statement Edition NBA 75th

Statement Edition

The only uniform to feature the global lion mark as well as the interlinking “S” pattern inspired by our city’s flag. The granite pattern – a continuous “S” inspired by an emblem on our city’s flag – runs horizontally through the jersey to reflect the inseparable link between the team and its community. There is only one side panel, which goes down the right side of the uniform. This was a design element that was really popular in the ’90s. Asymmetry is no longer a common design but the Kings have brought it back and it looks like it pays homage to their glory days.

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