2022 All-Star jerseys revealed, lack of design inspiration, trolled the most frugal

2022 All-Star jerseys revealed, lack of design inspiration, trolled the most frugal Jerseys

The NBA officially announced the Eastern All-Star starting list, Durant and James served as the captain of the East and West, respectively, of which James was elected the current NBA All-Star ticket king, which is also James’s 5th consecutive year as captain, the 18th time into the All-Star tied Kobe, second only to Jabbar’s 19 times. James became the All-Star ticket king for the 9th time also tied Jordan’s record, and ranked first in NBA history. Durant was the captain of the East for the second year in a row, holding up the pressure in the final moments and not letting the Bucks’ alphabet overtake.

Soon 2022 All-Star jersey exposure, unlike last year’s All-Star East and West uniforms to blue and yellow, this year’s All-Star jersey color is red and gray, the front printed with a large NBA logo and the words All-Star, behind the 75th anniversary of the elements.

Such a uniform has also been touted by outsiders as the ugliest ever, surpassing last year’s yellow and blue battle, and many others said they could save money.

NBA All-Star history of the classic uniform is not quite a lot, including 1996, 2003, and even recently this year directly in the middle of the respective team’s big LOGO is also very good.

The 2022 NBA All-Star Weekend will be held at the home of the Cleveland Cavaliers, with the main event kicking off on February 21, and the showdown between “James Team Pool” and “Durant Team Pool” is expected to bring visual enjoyment to fans through exciting games and make up for the lack of jersey design.

2022 NBA All-Star Jerseys

2022 NBA All-Star Weekend jerseys

Recently, the NBA announced the 2022 All-Star Weekend jerseys. The jersey design is inspired by the 75th anniversary of the NBA and the humanistic style of Cleveland.

This year’s Rookie Game will be divided into four teams, so there will be four sets of jerseys, with the same color scheme and design derived from diamonds and Cleveland elements.

The celebrity game jerseys will feature colorful 90’s style and contemporary street art, and the two designers are only 13 and 18 years old respectively.